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Citizen Science

Research has to consider the experiences of other countries and adopt a comparative approach; it must also be heuristically open, evolve around the findings from empirical research and include citizen science to achieve valid results.

Above all, our project deals with groundbreaking developments in contemporary society and raises important legal, psychological, societal, economic, and ethical issues. Thus, the involvement and participation of citizens is crucial for the formulation of research questions, data collection and analysis, and reflection on the practical impact of our results in a democratic society. Following a co-designed citizen-science approach, we involve citizens in various steps in the research process.

A citizen advisory panel will contribute to identifying and evaluating initial research themes. Additionally, we will use citizen science to approach and involve specific groups that are infrequent and thus hard to identify through random sampling in the general population. We will establish feedback loops in an ongoing engagement with the citizens involved, which will also enable us to identify emerging and pressing issues for inclusion in further waves of longitudinal data collection.

Research Participation

Please find the latest information here (only available in German). 

Participation Information (PDF, 501 KB)

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The Citizen Science Center Zurich is a joined initiative of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich and aims at engaging academic scientists and the public in next-generation citizen science projects.

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