Empirical and Normative Knowledge and Data Centre


The Empirical and Normative Knowledge and Data Centre is designed to be the backbone of the URPP H2R. It will integrate normative and empirical perspectives and ensure a coherent, stringent research program. Above all, the Data Centre will chiefly provide an information and discussion hub, enabling the researchers involved in the URPP H2R to collaborate in developing research questions, formulating information and data demands, reflecting on interdisciplinarity in empirical methods, and sharing information and data. It hosts regular workshops for the URPP H2R researchers to collaboratively develop and reflect on research questions and create survey instruments. This is especially important, because the different sub-projects focus on partially overlapping questions from various disciplinary and methodological perspectives. The Empirical and Normative Knowledge and Data Centre has three broad aims:

First, it will foster a common understanding of key empirical and normative concepts and combine insights from social sciences, medicine, law, and ethics to identify research questions and to discuss and understand the data. The Data Centre is committed to a descriptive-normative, transdisciplinary, and context-sensitive approach. Normative perspectives both inform quantitative and qualitative empirical studies and are challenged by them.

Second, it will embrace a citizen-science approach, supporting activities that maximize the collaboration between citizens and scientists in all phases of the research process.

Third and most importantly, the Data Centre together with members of the sub-projects will collaboratively organize the sampling process to ensure efficient sampling and coordination of the different samples and instruments
used for experimental, survey and qualitative research.