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URPP Human Reproduction Reloaded | H2R

Oksana Kashyntseva

Oksana Kashyntseva, Dr. iur. RA

  • Postdoc

Oksana Kashyntseva was a visiting scholar (SAR Scholars at Risk grant) until the end of January 2024 and has since been an adjunct researcher in the URPP Human Reproduction Reloaded | H2R at the University of Zurich. Oksana is head of the Center for Harmonization of Human Rights and a chief of the Department of Human Rights and IP Rights in Health Care (of the Scientific and Research Institute of IP) at the Ukrainian National Academy of Legal Sciences. She is also an Attorney-at-Law, coordinator of Platform of Fight for Health of PLWHIV and serves as a national consultant for the United Nations’ Development Programme in Ukraine.

Oksana's research interests include reproductive rights of LGBT+ persons, the rights of children conceived through assisted reproductive technologies after the death of one of the parents (postmortem conception), intellectual property rights and bioethical standards in healthcare.